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Second Storey Additions Perth

Providing affordable additions for over 35 Years.

Including second storey additions to any home can literally double the size of your space, but take up no more footprint on your block.

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Affordable Packages

Second Storey renovation packages for any budget.

As it is these days with most block sizes shrinking, and families growing, going up is a great alternative so selling or moving homes. With the size of many residential blocks shrinking dramatically over the last few years in Perth, a home extension is not always possible because of the lack of space that will remain on the block... If you extend on your property without moving up, you will start to dig into the space you need for a pool or backyard. This is why most people are now opting for a second storey addition.


Save on relocation fees and temporary accommodation if you're wanting something with more space.

No loss of back yard/ land area

Increase the bedrooms, living areas and value of your property by nearly double.

Gain local or city views (subject to property)

Second storey bedroom provide options to remove walls and create open plan living areas.

Modernize or match the architectural design of the house & improve visual appearance.

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Living Room

Create Space.

Taking on a second storey renovation can open up the lower levels of the home with cavities, spacious ceilings and large windows, improving not only space but overall appeal and value.

modern balcony furniture

Improved Airflow.

Looking into a second storey extension is an excellent alternative to extending outwards, and also offers other advantages such as increased airflow and in some cases stunning views!

White House with Bush

Increase Value.

Adding a second story can raise the profile of the home without compromising its original character, and giving you even more opportunities to add more rooms to your home.

Second Storey Renovations

Renovations, Extensions & Additions in Perth.

Oakwood Builders can help transform your single storey home into something much more spacious without taking up any additional room on your block. Whether you're looking for a second storey addition, second storey renovation or second storey extension, we can help. From the plan and design stage all the way up to the development, our expert team can assist you from all aspects of the build... Saving you not only the time but also the hassle in planning everything yourself.

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